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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Information and FAQ Page

How it works

Each colour has its own special purpose. A list of the benefits that each colour provides can be seen in the picture below:

EMS Micro-current, Helps to lift V face:

EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation. This product uses EMS to activate Skin cells. This process stimulates the rejuvenation of collagen. Which improves skin elasticity, helps soften wrinkles and leaves the skin with a much more smooth and healthier look/feel.

RF (Radio Frequency):

RF energy uses the tissue's natural resistance within various layers of the skin, when RF energy is applied to the skin it turns into thermal energy. RF can be used for all types of patients and skin types, mainly allowing for deeper penetration and increased production of new collagen. RF is used to improve the skin and give an anti-aging effect on wrinkles. It also helps remove nasolabial folds, fine lines and neck lines to ultimately provide a healthier look.


Mesoporation is a combination of electroporation and mesotherapy. Mesoporation works by disturbing the skin surface which causes disturbed skin cells to temporarily open, this creates moisture channels or mesopores. Which ultimately provide transport for high molecular agents into the skin.

Electroporation is a non-invasive electrical treatment which carries active ingredients into the dermal layers. It provides a way to transport collagen and hyluronic acid deeper into the skin. Electroporation is one of the best methods to see higher results without the use of needles.

Product Questions

Yes, The product comes with a universal USB charger. 

You should charge the product for a total of 3 hours before the first use to make sure it is fully charged. It typically takes 3 Hours to fully charge the product. 

The metal face of the device is designed to produce warmth and micro-currents. This effect should feel like small pleasant electrical shocks. For better results it is suggested to be using a water based serum or moisturiser to gain the full effect of the EMS process.

-Blue Light: 415nm

               -Red Light: 630nm

            -Green Light: 525nm

              -Cyan Light: 490nm

              -White: MIX

              -Purple Light: 390nm

              -Yellow Light: 590nm 

We suggest using the device at night to avoid any irritation that can be caused by sunlight after a session. 

Yes, This is how you know the EMS side of the device is working properly. 

Our device is specifically made to treat only the face and neck. 

Yes the device is completely wireless and easy to use, it also comes with a charger. 

Yes, However it is recommended that each session does not exceed 20 minutes. For example you can use one light for 10 minutes and another for the other 10 minutes. It is also not recommended to use a specific light for longer than 10 minutes at a time. 

No it works with all skin types and colours. 

Each kit comes fully equipped with easy to read and follow instructions. If you have any problems using a device feel free to contact us and we will help you as soon as possible. 

You should charge the product for a total of 3 hours before the first use to make sure it is fully charged. It typically takes 3 Hours to fully charge the product. 

Returns & Warranty

Returns of products are only accepted if the product is faulty. Shipping of the product back to our warehouse is at the buyers expense. If the product is determined faulty by us the customer can either choose to have it replaced or a full refund. Refunds are only available for 7 days after the product is received by the customer and meets the criteria of a faulty product. 

Criteria of a faulty product includes:

-Faulty Battery

-Faulty PC Board

-Faulty Keyboard

-Faulty Display lights

For more information including warranty contact us via email at:



Every device comes with a one year warranty. This warranty can be used by the customer if the product is faulty. Physical damage and damage done by the customer after the box has been opened will not be classed under warranty. 

The following items constitutes a faulty product:

-Faulty Battery

-Faulty PC Board

-Faulty Keyboard

-Faulty Display lights

For more information including warranty contact us via email at:



For people purchasing within Australia you should expect to receive your product within 3-5 business days. For people ordering outside of Australia this process will take a bit longer usually between 7-12 business days. Some countries have a longer wait time because of border security and location, you shouldn't have to wait longer than 20 business days to receive your order internationally.  *NOTE* These times may vary due to high influx of orders and the current situation of Covid-19 

Most of the reasons for delayed shipment are not our fault and may include any of the following reasons: 

  • Failed delivery attempts – This occurs if there was no one there to receive the package or if the address is miss spelt, incomplete or outdated. Usually, couriers make 2 or 3 attempts to deliver your package, but on different days. After these attempts, your package will most likely be stored in the courier’s warehouse for 5-7 days. Please contact your local post office immediately to track it down. If your package has already been sent back to us, simply Contact Us so we can resend it.
  • Delay caused by customs – International shipments are held up in customs to check that the contents and value of the package were declared accurately. Your tracking status will update soon after your package has been cleared and released. For updates, you may also contact your local post office or delivery service provider since a local tracking number may be provided to you for possible additional tracking events.
  • Marked as undeliverable – This happens if the courier has no access to the delivery location. Your package will then be sent back to us. If this is the case, Contact Us right away so we can resend your package.
  • Lost packages – One of the worst case scenarios why your package can get delayed is because it got lost along the way. Please contact first your local post office for updates. If you haven’t received it yet, Contact Us and we’ll do our best to help.
  • Weather conditions – Bad weather can block the roads or slow down the transit and cause a delayed delivery. Keep following up with your local post office to track the movement of your order.
  • Holidays – A sudden or unexpected increase in shipment delivery volumes is most common during the holiday season when the shopping extravaganza begins. Because of this, delivery may take longer than usual. Simply follow up with your local post office to track down your package. 

Your tracking number will be delivered to the email address you provided upon checkout. It may be located in the spam folder if you can still not find the tracking number please contact us so we can help you right away. 

If your order only has one update do not panic it usually takes up to 3 business days to receive the next update because most of the time the second update means its in transit and will arrive within the day or in some cases the next day. 

If you have another problem with your delivery feel free to contact us by email we typically reply within the same day and will definitely solve your problem as soon as possible.


Send your question or inquiry by email to akbeauty007@gmail.com, all questions will be answered in the same day as fast as possible. 

Although, there is no minimum age required to use our products we recommend being 18 or older to actively use and benefit from our products.